Exclusive – O2 Pricing on BlackBerry Z10. Buy tomorrow

Exclusive   O2 Pricing on BlackBerry Z10. Buy tomorrowTomorrow you’ll all hear about the new BlackBerry Z10. It’s a hotly anticipated phone but it’ll be appearing in shops straight away. We’re already hearing that Vodafone will be selling the device tomorrow here in the UK, but we’ve also got some exclusive information about O2.

I’ve received word from that the BlackBerry Z10 will actually be on sale tomorrow too, and you’ll be able to buy it on the web in a matter of hours from now – tomorrow morning. It’ll be available for free with the On & On plan at just £31 per month. For that you’ll get 1GB of data plus unlimited texts and calls.

We’re hearing that 100,000 apps will be available at launch and you’ll be able to buy the Z10 out-right for a suggested price of £469.99, but we’re hearing it’ll be £479.99 on Pay and Go.

Wowser. Announce a new handset and have it in the shops, selling, on the SAME DAY? That’s how things should be done.

We’ll have more as we get it but … believe me, the next few weeks are going to be huge. This is just the start. Don’t forget, we’ll be live, providing instant and accurate updates from Mobile World Congress and the HTC event a few days before.

Exclusive   O2 Pricing on BlackBerry Z10. Buy tomorrow

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  • Bubbly bubbles

    How can it be an exclusive when people at O2 already knew about it as do people at Carphone Warehouse? You’ll also find that other sites had this info up days ago but as usual you seem to be trying to put yourself up with the likes of tnw etc. The more you try to be something you aren’t the more I don’t want to come back. As for mobile world congress, leave it to the pros guys.

    • Martin

      You know, if you don’t have anything good to say, you could always say nothing.
      Not all of us trawl the web looking for info about new phones. I use a few sites, this is the first I have read that O2 will be seeling this tomorrow.
      £31pm and free isn’t bad for the BLiPhone ;)
      With the latest Windows phones and this new BB, I think Android and Apple could finally be getting some proper competition.

      • Murray Luke

        I’m with Bubbly on this. If you dont have anything good to say, wrap up and dont use the site, simples ;)

    • Tom Ranson

      I’d love to see the articles. I’ve read lots of “it’s reported that this might happen…” type of articles but nothing from O2 themselves.