Liquid Glass Protection. That stuff really does work.

Liquid Glass Protection. That stuff really does work.

Come close my smartphone friends. If you’re one of those handsome, sexy, fantastic people who check this wonderful website every day you may remember this review of the Crystalusion Liquid Glass Protection thing. It protects your phone and adds a resistive layer of .. err.. “magic liquid” (that’s what I’ll call it). You rub it on and after it sets you’ll have a device that’s protected from dust, abrasion and dirt. Heck, we even did a video of me rubbing it on.. oohh yeah.. check that rubbing action baby.

Anyhoo… fast-forward more than two months since I recorded the video below. The people who make this liquid say that it’ll last for up to 12 months, and I’m beginning to think that they’re pretty bang on with that. I stuck the “goo” onto my phone on November 12th, but just yesterday I felt that sheen, that polished effect, that clean feel. So I thought to myself, “I must write about that, because that liquid stuff I reviewed does bloody work!”

Don’t worry, no money has changed hands. I’ve not been locked in a room by the Crystalusion people or anything, it’s simply a product that actually, properly does what it says. Oh, and if you want some, they’re £7.49 at Expansys.

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  • Martin

    Good to know. I use the stick on screen protectors, I reckon I use one every 4 months or so due to the scratches that appear on the protector.
    I would like to have a screen protector that it scratch resistant and doesn’t need replacing and this stuff looks ideal.
    One thing I must say about screen protectors (I know it seems obvious, duh!!!). But the more you pay the better they are. I buy the el-cheapo ones off Ebay for my phone, you know the ones, ten for two quid. They are hard to get on right, I normally bin about 3 out of the 10 due to poor application.
    My daughter has a SGS2 and we got her an official Samsung protector after going through loads of ebay cheapo ones, it was a breeze to put on, and is still really clear of scratches and marks after 6 months.