HTC HD2 gets a tasty Ice Cream Sandwich

The poor old HTC HD2. It’s had some serious abuse from the community. Windows Mobile 6.5 powered it originally but then someone put Android Gingerbread onto it. After that there was a Windows Phone 7 ROM, followed by dual-boot special.

Now, now the HD2 has received the all-new Android 4.0, which you’ll all know as Ice Cream Sandwich.

We’re thinking that the HD2 has probably got some sort of personality disorder by now. If you do take a dip into the whole unofficial ROM world then do be warned that a whole heap of stuff doesn’t work on this as yet, oh and it’s as slow as f..

Link – XDA Developers

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  • Dale Wilks

    This is the HTC ‘Leo’?  Blimey, I had one of these in the WinMo 6.5 days!  Those XDA-Developer guys….  impressed

  • Jeff Mortimer

    I still have my HD2 and am running one of the many Android 2.3.7 ROMs and it runs beautifully, smooth and fast! I actually passed on the last opportuninty to upgrade the phone and get to kill two birds with one stone; cheaper monthly bills and a ‘new’ phone whenever I fancy! XDA developers FTW!!!

  • Oli Conder

    Speaking of ICS, Galaxy nexus will restart shipping this week with some dual core guts

  • Dale Wilks

    Hmm, none mention of the nexus’ ‘guts’ in your link Oli, as far as I know they’re fixing said bugs – that’s all.  Which makes sense