Windows Phone 7 on your HTC HD2

Are you a HTC HD2 owner looking on with envy at those swish new Windows Phone 7 devices? Well, if you’re ready to do some unofficial (but frighteningly easy) ROM flashing, you can now have Windows Phone 7 on your HTC HD2. Dark Forces Team have finally cracked the OS and delivered it to HD2 owners currently running Windows Mobile 6.5.

Some of the Windows Live and Marketplace functionality isn’t quite there yet but, as you’ll see from the videos below, everything else pretty much is.

Update – There’s now a way to hack the Live services onto the phone too!

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  • Kenibarwick

    Yeah, great, but have you tried to sign up to download it!!!

    • Samson

      Get it off xda-developers. That’s what I did :)

      Gone back to Gingerbread now though.

  • get it from XDA instead.

    i’m tempted but think i’ll wait until various bugs are ironed out. quite happy running android at the mo on mine

  • Dibbs

    From what I’ve seen of WP7 on my daughter’s Mozart, I prefer WM6.5 at the moment.

  • Tommy_4_u

    Well installed rom, installed crack, and got wp7 WITH live services working smooth as hell! I don’t need no Android anymore! I love it!

  • i want WM6.5 for HTC s620 or ( .T..Mobile dash )
    help me plz