Don’t use those free headphones? You should

Let me into a little secret, We review a lot of phones and sometimes, just sometimes, we don’t have time to test everything. In the Samsung Galaxy SIII review I looked at the headphones that came in the box, but never actually used them. The same headphones are provided with the Galaxy Note and, as far as I believe, with the Galaxy Note II too.

I, like many of you, have a “favourite” set of headphones and usually look down on headphones provided with phones as “lower quality”.

This weekend my normal headphones broke so I rummaged around for the Galaxy SIII box and plugged in the included headphones into my SIII.

If this is you, and you’ve not tried the included headphones, go and get them right now. Go on. I’ll wait….


Got them? Good. Try them. Believe me. Try them.

If you’re worried that your mate with the iPhone or HTC One X (and the Beats technology) is getting better sound, then prepare to be surprised. These are right up there in my opinion.

Great bass, great response and clarity – a fantastic set of headphones which deserve to be used daily. Better than my previous branded headphones.

They’re designed well and perform brilliantly. They don’t deserve to sit in the box, so get them out right now and let me know what you think. Believe me, you’ll love them.