Lumia 820 on pre-order for less than £21/mo

Whilst the marquee Windows Phone 8 devices of the HTC 8X and the Lumia 920 are going head to head in the claim for king of the Microsoft hill, the Nokia’s little brother has been announced for £20.50 in the Orange/T-Mobile co-branded EE stores. Not to be left out, O2 and Vodafone are also ranging the phone, at £27 and £29 per month respectively.
If keeping one-step away from the bleeding edge of mobile tech for the sake of your sanity and your wallet seems like a good idea, you can pre-order this in Tesco now, and they’ll throw in the white wireless shell and charging plate at no cost. At that 20.50 price, you have two options depending on whether you favour talking or burning your data more: 200 minutes of talk time, 100Mb of data and unlimited texts for those who still prefer to talk on their phone. The other tariff bumps up the data bundle to 500Mb but drops down to 100 minutes. You still get to keep unlimited texts, if you haven’t yet switched over to whatsapp, viber, google talk, or other cross platform clients.
In case you think you’re missing out, be reminded that the phone is still a 4.3 inch powerhouse using Nokia’s ClearBlack display tech, packs 8Gb as standard as well as a microSD slot and weighs only 160g, unlike its beefier older sibling. You’re still going to get all the Nokia specific goodies like Nokia Drive, Nokia Maps, Nokia Music and Nokia Transport and don’t forget that it has an 8Mpx camera to capture photos and videos on the move. With Office built-in, you can work just as easily as you can play.

Source: ITProPortal