HTC 8X in blue now in stock

HTC 8X in blue now in stock
Another day another eagerly awaited device. This time it’s the HTC 8X in blue. Which we reviewed here.

Expansys now have them in stock costing £399.99 more details here.

Clove have also mentioned that they have the blue in stock as well, more details here.

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  • mpw

    So the SIM-free battle starts: HTC 8X @ £399.98; Nokia Lumia 820 @ £399.98; HTC 8S @ @ £224.99. Still no pricing for SIM-free Lumia 920, but given the above HTC’s flagship 8X will have a significant price advantage perhaps in the region of £100. Is that healthy for your pocket or for Nokia’s 920 sales? Has HTC understood the UK market and priced it perfectly?

  • Moo Moo Head

    Windows Phone need users to migrate from iOS and Android to make success.

    So I have to ask myself as someone who is in a position now to upgrade my handset is what to do, I am Android user presently.

    1. I want to buy a phone outright and sim only contract, but I pay £279 for the Nexus and keep happy with Android or do I find extra £120 and get the HTC 8X and risk it over in WP8 land?

    2. How many Android users will pay more to get unproven WP8 handset when they have the Nexus 4 cheaper?

    3. Will this push MS to build their own WP8 handset to rival the Nexus?

    Time will tell….