Samsungs latest ad takes aim at Apple…Again.

Companies frequently have a narrative throughout their advertising campaigns. The love story in the Nescafe adverts, the adventures of Al and Monkey in the ITV Digital ads etc. Samsungs chosen narrative is constantly comparing itself to Apple . Their latest attempt is no different.

It’s essentially a spec comparison sheet comparing the iPhone 5 to the Galaxy s3 topped with the slogan “It doesn’t take a genius”. Of course a lot of these specifications are completely subjective but Samsung is hoping that by prefacing the comparisons they will convince customers that their product is better, which of course for a lot of people it will be. There are a few flaws in the comparison however. They list the iPhone 5 as having 1GB of RAM and whilst this may turn out to be accurate, that information is not known publicly yet. Samsung then lists their unique software features but does not extend the same courtesy to the iPhone 5.

I for one would like to see Samsung attempt to move past their connection with Apple and stand on their own. Sure, they may be a bit bruised from the courts but this isn’t going to win them any goodwill from Cupertino. Samsung has been number 1 in smartphone sales for around 18 months now, perhaps its time they stop portraying themselves as the underdog?

The Ad can be seen below and beneath it. I have annotated some additional information that may be useful if you are using this ad to make your decision between the 2 devices

Samsungs latest ad takes aim at Apple...Again.


Samsungs latest ad takes aim at Apple...Again.

Someone has mocked up a version skewed towards the iPhone 5.


Samsungs latest ad takes aim at Apple...Again.

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