• JJM

    4.0 and 4.8″ – agree it is subjective but once you use a big screen phone that is still handy, it becomes conclusive. I know. I have used an iPhone and now an S3

    2GB RAM does allow the phone to run and keep active programs smoothly and since Android multi-tasks significantly better than the iPhone – this is welcom. For the iPhone 1GB should be enough unless you are running memory hog games. Well I rather have more than less

    Siri & S-Voice:
    S-Voice is so-so. In this area I think Apple’s implementation is better but Google Voice on Jelly Bean really takes the cake here

    Operating System:
    For basic phone users that want something simpler, IOS will be sufficient but its controlled ecosystem as well as its inflexibility compared to Android would leave advance users a bit frustrated. Android had always been second rate to IOS until JB 4.1. and I have used it and compared it to my iPhone. S3 upgrade to JB next month.

    Apples move to a smaller plug is understandable but it will leave alot of Apple loyalists a bit frustrated. For new users or those with no old plug accessories – no issue. However having the defactor standard would have been more efficient for the 3rd party eco-system and this move by Apple shows that 1) they always want to do it their way (good thing) and 2) they are a stubborn self centered company (bad thing)

    Software & Hardware Features:
    To those Apple Fanboys that are so convinced that Samsung is not innovate – look again. I use most of the features and they work well and are very useful. Apple has fallen back in innovation – I guess they dont have to really innovate now. Whatever they produce no matter how good or lousy, loyalist will always queue and buy. For those who care to be objective its a different story

    I think the iPhone is a great well built product. And since I always use a casing with my phone, I am not too concerned with the plastic built of S3

    And as a last note for this author who is truly an Apple Fanboy, Samsung just recenly in the EISA won 4 awards for technology and INNOVATION including the Smartphone.

    As an overall package the S3 trumps iPhone 5 – although the iPhone 5 will definitely outsell the S3 and I guess thats what matters most right? Maybe