iPhone 5 priced at £529

iPhone 5 priced at £529

Unlike some other companies (*cough* Nokia!) Apple are actually pretty good at releasing important information alongside their product announcements. Perhaps the one detail they missed earlier this evening was the UK price. However now that the UK Apple store has been updated, we now know that Apple’s latest and greatest will be yours for £529 when it ships on 21 September.

So not exactly cheap, but then there’s a difference between price and value.

Also available at an equally bargain price: the new Lightning to 30 pin dock connector is on sale for just £25. Well, it’s probably cheaper than rebuying all of your iOS accessories again.

Happy shopping!

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  • Uncle Bob

    Genius!!! Change the connector design for a laff, then charge 25 quid for a converter!!! You got to hand it to Apple, they certainly know how to suck their deciples dry…

  • Anonymous

    Speaking of ‘necessary information’, maybe I missed something, but is the base-model now 32GB? Or is it still 16GB?

    The dock connector is probably fair enough. I was getting sick of the current one as it’s pretty huge, and quite annoying too. I’m sure 3rd parties will be quick enough to supply an adapter which is a slightly less expensive. Before long the old connector will be forgotten.