iPhone 5 price

  • Gabriel

    £529 will likely be the 8GB model price (or is 16GB the minimum?) Either way, that may not be directly comparable to, say a HTC One X or SGIII, though the prices for those on 4G may be a bit higher.

    Overall, £529 seems a very good price if you include the Apple premium, but I suspect it’s a headline price and will be greater when compared head on with similar specs of an Android phone.

    Nokia, well, we’re just guessing. Still, they put out new features into public domain last week that Apple doesn’t have (NFC, wireless charging), and in so doing, in even a small corner of the market, it may make some people hold off buying an iPhone for now until we know more re the 920.

  • It’s a 16gig minimum, then £80 per step up, so £609 for the 32 and £689 for the 64gig.
    Well, that is using the iPad increments. In the US they are $100 between models, which seems unfair if 32 – 64 cost $100 why does 16 – 32 cost $100 also?