That Windows 8 Phone can go Everything Everywhere

If you’ve been reading us at all, you’ve read that Nokia has announced its Lumia 920 Windows phone 8 flagship, the 4.5” beast with the pureview imaging technology that the Finnish company is touting to put them back at the top of the smartphone pile.


What seems to be hidden amongst the masses of information around the announcement, barring the lack of a concrete release date for the US market than Q4, are the rest of the tech specs, and specifically the inclusion of the 1800Mhz band. You remember, it’s the same chunk of spectrum that Ofcom finally allowed Everything Everywhere to use for LTE, right? Well Nokia has the Lumia 920 listed as being able to operate on the soon-to-be-repurposed band.


Now there’s no knowing whether this has been in the works for a long time between Nokia and the pink/orange/grey supercompany,or if it’s a complete coincidence. But if I were in their shoes, I’d be doing my hardest to leverage the buying power of the new company. It could deliver a pretty decisive one-two punch of both the new iPhone andthe new Windows phone for the Christmas buying spree.

With the unassailable lead time of about a year that Everything Everywhere has been granted, no other phones have been announced that can utilise LTE in the UK.

If the deal goes ahead this may be only handset in the UK that will be able to deliver on your need for reading up on all Cool things smartphone (using our app, of course).


The biggest question now isn’t whether you buy the new iphone or the 920, it should be whether you can manage to buy both of them.