My Phone History – James Eley

Being one of the babies of the Coolsmartphone team my phone history is considerably less impressive than Jamie’s museum of mobile tech!!!

The first phone I ever owned had a colour screen and if I remember correctly I saved up my £2 a week pocket money for ages before I managed to get together the £40 to buy this…

Sagem MYX-2.









That is the Sagem MYX-2 and it was absolutely tiny! I think I bought this phone when the industry was going into the ‘smaller the better’ phase! The only thing I remember about it was that the buttons were really rubbery and when you pressed, for example, the 3 button there was a tendency for the 2 button to get pressed too. The same applied to every other button on the keypad.

To start with my phones lasted me a couple of years each; it wasn’t until something really caught my eye again that I saved up my birthday money. The first phone to catch my eye was the…

Sony Ericsson W550i.








I used to adore this phone; the speaker was amazing and the twist was sooo cool! Unfortunately the twist was it’s undoing too; the screen section eventually came loose, a fault which plagued all of these phones and so began the age of my contract phones.

Nokia E65.








My first Nokia! It was the business minded E65 and in my youth I went for the loud Red version. For some reason both Three and Nokia both advertised the ability to do video calling, but the silly thing was that you had to use the rear camera?! So they could see you but you couldn’t see them unless you sat in front of a mirror.

The E65 was such a solid little phone that I stuck with Nokia for my next phone.

Nokia N97.








I remember I wasn’t all that impressed with the iPhone (it couldn’t do video!!) and Nokia claimed this was the ‘iPhone Killer’. If only the thing even worked! I can just remember that the music player was terrible, every time I opened it the whole phone would lock up and you’d have to take the battery out to restart the thing. The only good thing about it was a game called Paradise Island (it was a boules game) and it was free! Oh and the camera was one of the best cameras I’ve used on a smartphone, the pictures looked amazing when you put them on your PC!

Samsung Galaxy S.









Eventually, enough was enough and I bought myself a Galaxy S and wow! A phone whose features all worked! This was the first phone that really impressed me, I remember the first thing I did was download Angry Birds! The original Galaxy S was a great phone and the screen was amazing too! I flashed so many ROMs on this thing, I particularly liked Darky’s ROM they did a great job with that, I’m not sure if that’s still going?!

After a while I got bored of flashing and I wanted my physical keyboard back so I went for the…

HTC 7 Pro.








This phone was great! Literally fantastic; never, ever slowed down and it was actually a joy to use. Something that became a problem after a while. I got bored of Windows Phone, it was almost too good, I couldn’t change anything because it was already made perfect. The ‘lack’ of apps never bothered me as there was everything I needed to use on there.

The 7 Pro didn’t stay with me long, I think I had it from last August until last November. Which is when I went back to Android.

Samsung Galaxy S2.








This phone was almost perfection; fast, powerful, everything ran without a hiccup the whole time I had it. Also, the Super Amoled Plus display was amazing, it was so bright and everything popped, despite the slightly low screen resolution. Towards the end the battery started going, but that’s my abuse of it and it wasn’t the phones fault.

And last, but certainly not least, my current phone is the

Samsung Galaxy S3.







Everyone knows about the Galaxy S3 and the reviews definitely do it justice, it’s amazing. I have ditched the Touchwiz and gone for my version of ADW without any dock. So far the phone has the best battery life of any device, apart from the HTC 7 Pro, the whole device is incredibly smooth and it’s great. The only things are; that it gets really hot when you use start taxing it and I can tell the screen is lacking the ‘Plus’ part when compared to the Galaxy S2.

Future phones.

Well given my affinity to the Galaxy S series I expect I’ll end up with a S4 when that arrives. It’s worth mentioning that I always say to myself I’m going to get the next Nexus, but we’ll have to wait and see on that one. If the rumours about a LG Optimus Nexus with a quad-core S4 Pro and stunning specs turn out to be true my S3 might be getting retired early!