Install Flash Even Though It’s Dead with Flash Downloader

Install Flash Even Though Its Dead with Flash Downloader

This maybe the simplest app you’ll ever use, but use it quick while you still can.

As Leigh reported in his post declaring the death of Flash, the Android Play Store no longer contains Flash as an installable app as the final nails were put in its coffin.

However, our good friend Paul O’Brien over at Modaco has provided a temporary phoenix to those on Jelly Bean who don’t want to be without it. Simply download his app (inventively named Flash Downloader).

At first all you see is a short cut in your app launcher. When run, it downloads the last Flash Player APK from Adobe’s servers. Simply install the app and bippity-boppity-boo you’re all flashy again!

Get the app from the play store here: Flash Downloader