iPhone Event September 12th?

The New iPhone will be announced on Wednesday September 12th and will be available to buy on the 21st, at least according to Rene Ritchie over at iMore.

Before last year, Apple typically held an event in the 2nd week of September to launch new iPods but last year the event was pushed back to October and the iPhone 4S was the main focus with the iPod line having to share the spotlight.

It makes sense for Apple to launch these products in September as their holiday quarter runs from October to December, so they will want products to launch as early in this period as possible (or just before) to maximise the results. 

Personally I think it will be called the “New iPhone” as that makes more sense in Apple’s product line whereas iPhone 5 doesn’t make any sense canonically.

What do you think? Does this launch date seem plausible? What about the design? We’d love to hear from you.