O2 Dishes out goodwill gesture after network failure

O2 Dishes out goodwill gesture after network failureFollowing news that up to a third of their customers were offline during “that failure” last week, there’s now 10% off your bill if you were one of the unlucky 7 million-or-so that were without service.

The rather apologetic blog post details how the goodwill gesture will be applied..

– Pay Monthly customers will receive 10% off their July subscription which will be applied on their September bill, which is equivalent to 3 days back
– Pay & Go customers will receive 10% extra on their first top-up in September
– (These will be applied automatically – you don’t need to do anything to activate them)

In addition, O2 are giving everyone a £10 voucher to spend… in an O2 shop. Whether Tesco and GiffGaff customer (who use the O2 masts) will get some of this goodwill remains to be seen.

Link – O2 Blog

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  • Paul

    So someone on a £20 sub gets £2 off, and Someone with a £35 sub gets £3.50 off, even though the amount of disruption is the same to all? Why not a flat £3 or £4 for all and be done with it?
    I’m not with o2 anymore so doesn’t matter to me, just an observation that was quite poor to scale it.

    • Anonymous

      Very good point. It seems to be a sliding scale.