A third of O2 customers without service during failure

A third of O2 customers without service during failure

Many of you were knocked offline in the large O2 failure which began on Wednesday. The problem wasn’t confined to any particular region and many were left without data, calls or text for almost 24 hours. Many have mentioned a failure with a “core part” of the network, possibly the HLR or a central database, which led to phones not registering.

We’ve tried to determine just how “large” the recent O2 outage was. Now they’ve admitted to The Inquirer that…

At any one time, up to a third of customers were affected by this issue.

..and that, my friends, works out at 7.6 million customers off-line during the incident (O2 have around 23 million subscribers). Oh, and let’s not forget the unspecified amount of GiffGaff and Tesco customers who were also left without service. If we were to assume that a third of those customers were offline, this number could reach a grand total of around 10 million.


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