Looking to get those “free” Beats headphones?

Looking to get those free Beats headphones?Some of the HTC devices we reviewed last year included these Dr. Dre Beats headphones. They work with the Beats technology in the phone to deliver superior quality sound into your eardrums. You can see them in our Sensation XE review and I remember seeing them in the XL too.

However, they don’t appear to be shipping with HTC devices any longer – not even the HTC One X handset we reviewed. If you got a pair free, count yourself lucky. They cost £35.99 at Handtec if you want to buy them, so you can probably understand why they’re no longer given away willy-nilly.

Of course, you can always go for bigger and better Dr. Dre headphones – all the way up to (wait for it)… the “Dr. Dre Detox Limted Edition High Performance Professional Headphones”.. a snip at just £449.99 … but hey, you can claim a free T-shirt..

Link – Handtec
Credit – Ant

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  • they’re much the same as senheiser cx-300/2’s – i.e. Rubbish (and worth around £12). Nobody capable of even the lightest of research would stump up £40 for these. Pay half and hear something other than dumf dumf dumf, your ears will thank you.

    •  the only issue is that headsets from the manufacturer come with hardware buttons to play / skip songs / answer phone calls. Are there earphones one can buy that do the same thing?

      • I bought these that do exactly that: http://www.coolsmartphone.com/2012/06/14/house-of-marley-redemption-song-earphones-review/