Samsung S-Voice for Android Leaked

It looks like the industrious members of XDA have once again gotten their hands on a nice leaked app for us to play with. First it was Flipboard, this time its the S-Voice app from the Galaxy SIII. In case your memory needs refreshing, S-Voice is Samsungs version of Siri and is powered by Vlingo. S-Voice allows you to perform various functions through Voice Control with minimal touching of the device.

I took the liberty of installing it on my HTC Sensation and its worked perfectly so far. I have asked it the weather, sent a text and even updated twitter and it all worked perfectly. So far I’ve noticed a lot of functionality Siri doesn’t have such as Navigation, updating Twitter and Facebook and toggling settings such as Wifi and Bluetooth.

Installation is just like any other side loaded .apk the only requirement is that you are running Ice Cream Sandwich. We cannot be held responsible for any badness that may befall your device as a result of installing the app so please do so at your own risk. If you’re the fearless, devil-may-care type then you can find the original thread below.

Please let us know how you get on in our forums

Links – XDA

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  • nice work mr jamie!! will try now!

  • I’m still not convinced people want to stand in the middle of a crowd and shout at their phone – and quite frankly if the answer is ‘so they dont need to take their eyes off driving’ thats encouraging lack of concentration. Now when we get to the point where its good enough to transcribe meetings etc rather than short bursts of commands I can see VC coming in to its own.

    At the moment Android or iOS its just a gimmick.

  • Andrew Holding

    Handy for in the car, but keeps force closing on my Evo 3D. Vlingo does almost the same thing (considering the Samsung app is just a rehashed version of Vlingo anyway) and is available free on the Google Play Store.

  • Wobs34

    Downloaded from both sites but wont install on my Sll

  • En_Croute

    Same as Wobs34 – S1 on ICS, downloaded, but will not install.

  • En_Croute

    That should be S2 on ICS!