Nokia shares dive 16% after profit warnings

Nokia shares dive 16% after profit warnings

Competition in the mobile marketplace is hotting up. Already HTC have announced a drop in profits and now, in the space of one day, Nokia shares have fallen by over 16% in the last few hours.

Nokia shares dive 16% after profit warnings

The dive comes after Nokia warned that their first quarter performance had been hit hard by the competition, and things aren’t going to get any better in Q2. Other manufacturers in Africa, China, the Middle East and India have given Nokia a real kicking, with operating margins for the first quarter…

…approximately -3%, compared to the previously expected range of ‘around break-even’

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop called the figures “disappointing”. The news comes just hours after a major software bug was found in the new Lumia 900 model.

What are your thoughts on all this? Can Nokia bounce back quickly? Or is there a long road ahead yet?

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  • Raygun

    If the lumia 900 is telling of the future, Nokia will be fine. It really is a breath of fresh air to the mobile community, I just hope more people give the phone a shot. Using windows phone is so much more interactive and rewarding then the other OS. Nokia just needs to see some sales and keep producing quality hardware. Software buggs are going to happen regardless of what you own, even cars and I think the majority of the public understand this. This recent hiccup is nothing more then that, a hiccup that should in no way influence the publics buying decision.