Nokia Lumia 800 – You WILL know about it

OK. I’m getting pretty amazed with quite how much money is being thrown at the new Nokia Lumia 800. While watching Channel 5 this evening I became increasingly annoyed by some new advert “buffers”. They pop up for a few milliseconds between each ad but all I kept seeing was the “5” logo pop up with a brief drum beat.

However, look a bit closer and, if you’re quick enough on the pause button…

Nokia Lumia 800   You WILL know about it

Microsoft and Nokia have also eaten up the whole Channel 5 website. Then, before you know it, this longer commercial pops up… and I love it. Great dance tune, great visuals. It pulls you in. (The music is by Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs … yeah, a strange choice..)

I tell you the most amazing thing. This is a phone that won’t be available for another three weeks. You’ve got to wait until November 16th to get it. That’s at least another three weeks of this full-on advertising splash. This is going to get rammed down your throat. You’re going to see it everywhere. They will not stop. It’s gotta be costing millions.

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Windows Phone and Nokia - Back in the game ?
  • Raygun

    /sadface for the USA

    I have been waiting since 2009 to get a windows phone…and the Lumia 800 is he one, if they even release it in the states. Elops “portfolio of phones” for the USA in 2012 did not leave much to be desired. I don’t even know if the Lumia 800 will be in the lineup.

    • @RaygunV:disqus  – neither of the Nokia phones were for the American market. USA will get to see their phones (most likely) at CES.

      We know Nokia have the 900 series of phones up their sleeves as pics and specs of it have already been leaked. The 9xx phones also support the American carrier frequencies.

      • Raygun

        Thank you..I just hope the flagship phone is as classy as the Lum 800. When I see pics of the Lum 800 side by side with an iphone (imo), it makes the iphone look a decade old. 

        • Its similar to the 800 but its (rumoured to be) a 4.3″ screen. Search for Nokia 900 Ace and you’ll see lots of articles with specs and pics etc.