Galaxy Nexus coming to O2

Galaxy Nexus coming to O2O2 are already getting the new Motorola Razr and now, just to add to the fun, they’ve added the Galaxy Nexus too. The new Google handset is already on the way to Three.

No prices as yet, and you can’t pre-register either. Doah.

Link – Galaxy Nexus (O2)

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  • CheesySnugs

    Lol.  It’s like going back in time!  Why release a “flagship” model that’s not as good as a previous release?  I am aware that Android is pants regardless, but this phone has nothing more than a bigger screen and higher res over the SGS2.

    It’s like me going and buying an iPhone3 to run iOS5 on!

    Silly Samsung.

    Silly Google (Both the Nexus name and the OS are Google.)

  • Martin

    Oh pish and piffle.
    If you are going to use the Apple analogy then you cannot compare this to the SGS2, you have to compare it to the previous Nexus phone.
    And this is a good upgrade over that.
    The previous Nexus had a  Arm A8 1gig SOC, this has a Arm A9 1.2gig SOC.