Google Books now available in the UK

Google Books now available in the UK
Checked Android Market recently ? If you’re lucky the latest update should have arrived and books can now be purchased. Here in the UK this has taken a while to arrive, but the eBooks system is easy enough to use. Just hop in the Android Market, choose your book or get a free sample, then buy it.

Google is no doubt trying to pull some market share away from Amazon and the Apple iBook store with this offering. The new Google Books service has been launched here in the UK and the same day as the YouTube film service.

Link – Google Books

Google Books now available in the UK

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  • Anonymous

    I’ve gone back to the Android Market 2.3.6. Android Market 3.1.5/3.1.6 are way to big to comfortably fit on my HTC Desire (3.5Mb vs. 7.5Mb). They’re also bloated out with lots of pointless graphics.

    If I was into ebooks I’d likely use Amazon, simply because Kindle is a much more suitable eReader than tablets and especially smartphones. In case I wished to read purches on an Android tablet, there’s an Android app too.

    Do people really read whole books on smartphones?