Problems sending picture messages on the Galaxy SII ?

Problems sending picture messages on the Galaxy SII ?

I’ve had two Samsung Galaxy SII phones and have noticed the same issue with both. I can’t send MMS (picture messages). I thought I’d sorted it the other day but no, I continually get the “Failed” message flash up even after coming away from the UMA connection I was on.

I was foxed, but then I found that it worked for one recipient. Looking deeper into it I found that it refused to send picture messages to any number starting with the international dialing setup – “+44” wouldn’t work, but change it to “0” and it does. Strangely text messages work fine now matter what, but the only way I’ve got MMS working on (the Orange branded) Galaxy SII is to change my contact details to begin with “0” instead of the previous “+44”.

Thanks to all you lovely people Twitter for your feedback.

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  • AndyPC

    Interesting, I’ve just tried to send a picture message to a number starting with 0, not +44, and all it did was try sending over and over again. Maybe it’s also having UMA/Orange Signal Boost turned on.