UMA / Signal Boost. Just what is it ?

UMA / Signal Boost. Just what is it ?Has your phone got UMA technology? What? You don’t know what it is? Well, the technology has been kicking around for some time now and there’s a few networks and handsets supporting it. It stands for “Unlicensed Mobile Access” and networks tend to call it something different because “Unlicensed Mobile Access” sounds a bit.. wrong.

Anyhoo. If you find that you’ve got rubbish signal at work, at home or anywhere else, this could be your answer. On Orange it’s called “Signal Boost” and here, with hardly any signal on the phone, we take a look at it in action below. I do say in the video here that it’s also on Three but this is incorrect. Orange is the only UK network using it (more on their PDF here)…

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