IFA – The booth babes

So, those of you who have read coolsmartphone.com for a while may remember a site called msmobiles.com. It’s been sold on now and redirects to another site. The guy behind msmobiles.com was Edward, and he’s sent us a report from the IFA Electronics Show. We weren’t going to post it, but being as we mentioned the CBOSS girls at Mobile World Congress, we just had to post this..


The IFA Consumer Electronics Show takes place between 2nd and 7th September 2011 in Berlin, Germany. Some say that this show is the biggest consumer electronics show in the world but I don’t know. It’s bigger than CES in USA (and obviously Berlin is much more easily accessible than USA).

I dropped in to check out the booth babes and to look at the latest consumer electronics.

Let’s go on a tour of IFA 2011 consumer electronics show by looking at its booth babes!

One hot topic at consumer electronics this year was obviously Android – one could see Android devices (phones, tablets) and Android-powers TV sets all around the show. HTC is the probably number one and an Android pioneer. Their booth babes were Quietly Brilliant..

IFA   The booth babes

Microsoft had only one booth babe but she was very luscious. She had a Windows Phone T-shirt on and was trying to show everybody what’s new in Windows Phone 7.5 on her HTC Titan phone…

IFA   The booth babes

You wouldn’t believe me if I’d not snapped it. but the Microsoft stand had lots of “sexergy” drink containers.

Speaking of Windows Phone, Samsung decided to show absolutely no Windows Phone devices – only Android and their own Bada OS phones. The hugely popular Samsung Galaxy S2 was presented in white by this booth babe..

IFA   The booth babes

Samsung was also showing other handsets and tablets, including breathtaking Samsung Galaxy Note.

Panasonic was showing Lumix 3D cameras and glasses. These dancing babes showed how real the 3D images could be..

IFA   The booth babes

…  visitors were invited to observe the girls via special 3D LCD glasses. I must say the 3D effect in glasses was more real than while watching at those booth babes with naked eye.

Also other 3D TV and camera makers were employing dancing booth babes – as demonstration and comparison of watching 3D directly with naked eyes and via 3D TV and cameras.

IFA   The booth babes

No, 4K TV is not yet common sight at consumer electronics show, because focus is on 3D, also 3D viewable without glasses, but clearly after HD, after 3D, the 4K will be the next big thing. It’s funny because it’s more pixels than human eye can see…

I don’t remember what Philips was presenting but this booth babe was singing something and it was powerful song, pity I don’t remember what it was about..

IFA   The booth babes

Several, mostly German, TV channels had their live studios in the halls of IFA 2011, so there was plenty of high-class booth babes presenting TV shows that were reporting from IFA..

IFA   The booth babes
Apart from TV sets, TV equipment, cameras and, apart from computers and mobile devices, there was a lot of appliances at IFA and these appliances were presented not only by booth babes but also on booth babes:

IFA   The booth babes

Usually the setting was that booth babe was sitting, and some hair styling etc was applied to her and it was demonstration of the equipment:

IFA   The booth babes

… but sometimes booth babes were inviting members of the public (i.e. IFA visitors) to participate and to get an appliance/product tried out on them:

IFA   The booth babes

When leaving IFA one could meet booth babes giving away information materials like this one from Siemens advertising washing machines:

IFA   The booth babes
… and since there was many international visitors at IFA, also trade visitors, not just consumers,  also girls from nearby evening entertainment industry were present and giving away info brochures:

IFA   The booth babes

… but that’s a different fairytale, not related to booth babes.

All in all I have to say I missed some high-class booth babes – mainly because stupidly I wanted to go this or that stand to see this or other gadget and when I returned to given hall they were no longer there… but generally IFA 2011 was an interesting show and surely worth visiting. Also booth babe -wise.

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