Three add new MiFi kit to their range

The new Huawei E586 MiFi is due to arrive on Three shortly. Using this gadget, users will be able to create a personal mobile WiFi hotspot which is powered by the Three network. Three are aiming to have 80% of their network upgraded to HSPA+ by the end of the year and it should mean 21.1Mbps speeds.

Available from September, the device also features an OLED screen showing how much data you’ve used, your current speed and more. We got a good look at the E586 back in February. In features a microSD card slot with up to 32GB support for portable storage and a 4.5 hour batttery life.

Link – New Huawei Kit, Up Close

New MiFi – coming soon to Three.

Today Three announces a new, high speed Mobile Wi-Fi device – the Huawei E586 MiFi – which will be the first mobile Wi-Fi device in the UK to feature next generation HSPA+ mobile broadband technology.

The new MiFi will allow customers to experience significant speed gains compared to the existing award-winning MiFi. Initially around 40% faster, those figures will increase even further as Three ramps up its upgrade programme and rolls out the HSPA+ 21.1Mbps standard across its high-speed 3G network.*

The features and functionality Three’s customers have come to know and love from the Three MiFi are still there. Fast, secure Wi-Fi for iPads, laptops or handheld games consoles at the touch of a button. An OLED screen displaying key information like the amount of data used, speed of the current connection and length of browsing time, and a new look dashboard for viewing SMS and changing settings. In addition a new feature allows users to see their Wi-Fi user name and password on screen at the touch of a button for fast pairing with new gadgets.

David Kerrigan, head of mobile broadband at Three commented: “As the UK’s biggest 3G mobile broadband network, we’re delighted to introduce our high speed mobile Wi-Fi product. This joins our award winning HSPA+ dongles making us the only operator offering an entirely next generation HSPA+ enabled range of mobile broadband products. Aside from this step up in speed, the new cradle charger, which looks great, will help people get the best performance in the home.”

The new MiFi, built by Huawei, will be available in store and online from September.

Key features:

Charging cradle
21.1 Mbps technical standard Download (HSDPA )
5.76 Mbps technical standard Uplink (HSUPA)
Internal Memory slot for micro SD card that supports up to 32GB
Approximately 4.5 hours battery life

* Three is aiming to have 80% of its network upgraded to HSPA+ by the end of this year, with the rest following soon afterwards