Facebook – Are you addicted ? Is it a buying decision ?

We’ve already been lucky enough to review phones that want to change people like me. Our review of the HTC ChaCha and look at the HTC Salsa revealed that these phones were more than just texting devices with a Facebook button. A social connection was deeply woven into the handsets with sharing capabilities available in the right places and a Facebook Chat system. The guys at O2 have added a video explaining how it all works and have also added a Facebook test to see how much of a Facebook geek you really are.

Last night I was in a restaurant and caught at least two people checking Facebook on their phone – it’s almost part of society now. Then today I was waiting in a queue at the cinema and spotted a Dad updating his Facebook account with his three children in tow. They wanted his attention but he told them he was “too busy” … have we gone too far ? Are we addicted ?

I’d love to know just how many of you are hooked onto Facebook and how much of your life surrounds it.

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