O2 Offering up the Galaxy S II for just £399

O2 Offering up the Galaxy S II for just £399

Looking for the Samsung Galaxy S II ? O2 are selling it for £399 on Pay & Go. that’s cheaper than Play.com (£499), Amazon (£499) and Carphone Warehouse (£495).
If you’re interested in the S II, check out our hands-on video. This is the second item we’ve seen selling quite cheaply on O2 – the Galaxy Tab is selling for £299, so it’s perhaps worth checking out their site if you’re after either of these devices.

Link – O2 Shop
Credit – Moominking

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  • and there was me, certain I would be heading down the LG O2x route, and the SGS2 drops!
    the good news is, I can get the O2 version, and drop my giffgaff sim card in it without unlocking it!

    just need confirmation of root…and i’ll be down the shops!

    • Anonymous

      It’s been rooted in an ugly, very hacky way but things are looking good.

      Must say I’ve very tempted myself. £400 is my sweet spot and the phone does look excellent. I would need it unlocked though and I wonder what crapeware O2 dump on it?
      Would be so nice having a phone where the touchscreen doesn’t spaz out on me. Damn you Google cheaping out on the main control method!