Not got predictive dial ? Try Dialer One

During the Sony Ericsson Xperia arc review we mentioned the lack of predictive dial. Let me be honest and say that I love predictive dial and have used it since it appeared in Windows Mobile 6.5. It’ll let you start typing a name or number and will locate it from your contacts list. This speeds up the dialing process a great deal and is present in a lot of Android HTC devices.

If you have a phone where it isn’t available, try Dialer One. It’s a “T9-like dialer application” which lets you do that predictive dial along with other features such as sending contacts, filtering calls by type and grouping calls within logs.

If you’re using this application, do let us know what you think. On the Xperia arc it really helped to give the functionality I was used to. This is one of the free apps available – there are others, so we’d love to know what you’re using.

Link – Dialer One

Not got predictive dial ? Try Dialer OneNot got predictive dial ? Try Dialer One

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  • Matt

    Even though I mentioned this in the review comments of the SE Arc, I have moved on from it now to use Go Contacts dialler. I found that Dialer One was good, but it lagged from actually pressing the “phone” button to the dialler actually appearing. This is a common comment in the Market for this app.

    I’ve found no such lag with Go Contacts, and IMHO it has a better looking interface as well.

  • Porchy316

    Go Contacts seems ok

  • Debully

    Go dialer / contacts does it for me. And free.

  • Knedjo

    “Go” suite of apps – dialer, contacts and messages is absolutely best on the market!!

  • Been using Dialler One since I moved off Sense onto CyanogenMod. The HTC Dialler is the only thing I seriously miss. Will give go Go Contacts a go now.