Windows Phone 7 NoDo Update to arrive in the second half of March

The pre-update update seems to be still rolling out to Windows Phone 7 devices, despite getting released two and a half weeks ago, but now Microsoft France have announced that it’ll arrive in the “second half of March”. Let’s hope things go more smoothly with this one.

The update will finally bring the copy and paste functionality that customers have waited for.

Link – Windows Phone Blog France
Credit – Tim Whittaker

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  • Not a Fan Boy

    I use features like copy and paste often but I know some users may never notice it’s there and what amuses me is how much noise has been made about this being missing from WP7.
    It’s the same noise many people made about the iphone when it debuted without this functionality. What people forget is how long it took apple to implement this now required feature. Heck most people forget that it’s taken 4 generations of iphones to reach the same capabilities I had on my HTC Kaiser when the original iphone came out. It seems that things only become required once apple does them, much like how apple innovates by doing what has already been done but doing it with better marketing and the Steve Jobs seal of greatness.

    I know apple now makes a nice device it’s just never lived up to the hype and marketing that surrounds it. Until the iphone 4 came out with a nice screen came they’ve been technologically behind other phones and they’ve “simplified” the user experience by severely limiting what the OS can do. The only real innovation has been that you can support a closed eco system by selling apps from a single point. They’ve even shown that once it’s established you can push even more unfair terms onto the very app developers that support you by taking revenue for content that they neither created, managed or distributed. Even for a fruit company that’s just rotten.
    I’ve personally been very impressed with WP7 and if it were a little more open with better support for a few key functions id have moved from WinMo to WP7 instead of trying out Android.

    • I know what you mean. I used to love Windows Mobile and had so many different iterations of it. The SPV was my first dabble and I have used most Win Mobile handsets. However after trying out the iPhone and it “just working” I was very impressed.

      There are many plus points to having an iPhone and the same goes for any phone these days. They are all so powerful and many, specification wise, are taking over Apple. (iPhone 5 had better be good!) This has always been the case with many Windows Mobile devices being very high specced at the time but it was ease of use that won in the end.

      If both Android and Windows Phone 7 could get their OS update procedures sorted that would be a big plus point for me. I was fed up with having to wait for the carrier to release an update or fed up with having to trawl the web for ROMS to update and to add extra features onto my phone, or having to purchase a newer phone just to get the better features.

      With the iPhone you kinda know what your getting. It does what it says and it does this very well. This shows with the fact that many other devices out their resemble the style of the iPhone. I’m not saying that “Apple did it first so they are the best” far from it. I used an HTC Diamond just before the iPhone came out and that device was excellent. Build quality was excellent, beautiful screen but the software was just lacking. Touch screen devices have been around for years. Apple just simplified the whole experience.

      Apple need to pull out something seriously “magical” with the new iPhone 5. People are starting to want high spec devices thanks to android so no longer can a lower spec phone win through.

      I applaud Microsoft for taking a few risks. Nokia partnership? I used to love Nokia’s when they first came out but the SPV showed me where my loyalties lied! I wanted a phone that could do it all! Nokia need Microsoft as far as I can see.

      It looks to me like the futures bright for Microsoft and I do hope they do well. It they get their developer scene sorted eg Not taking a chuck for themselves (tut tut apple!) im sure can start to edge in there. There’s room for 3 big companies at the top! And hopefully with them all trying to outdo each other and win us over the competition will be healthy.

      I don’t consider myself an “Apple Fanboy” as I will purchase whatever phone I want, whoever makes it.

      Roll on 2011! Let’s see what’s round the corner. It’s going to be an interesting year!