Windows Phone 7 update still failing for some Samsung owners

Windows Phone 7 update still failing for some Samsung ownersOK, I’ll try not to repeat myself here – hopefully you know what’s happened with the Microsoft Windows Phone 7 update. All Windows Phone 7 handsets are currently getting a “pre update” upgrade which will prepare devices for the much anticipated copy and paste feature. Samsung handsets seemed to be having issues with the update, so those updates were stopped. Updates for Samsung phones started again yesterday but now, less than 24 hours later, there’s yet more problems. Microsoft forums are now filling up with more Samsung Windows Phone owners getting error codes such as 801812C1 or 800705B4. After a very quick search we found posts about the issue here, here and here.

This is the second time that the update has failed for some Samsung owners.

Links – Microsoft Answers (1)Microsoft Answers (2) and Microsoft Answers (3)

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  • Every other Windows Phone has had no problem. Remember Samsung has a history of problems with its phones. Look at the GPS errors and lack of Android 2.2 updates for the Galaxy S.

  • Anonymous

    Wow… considering they really only have one chance to get WP7 off the ground, it’s not looking good.

    Consumers don’t want hassle — and this minor update has been nothing but :(

  • Phill Russell

    HTC HD7 with the same error code. Its a battle with zune and any forum to try and find and answer to get it workign right…..