Windows Phone 7 Updates – Further news from Microsoft

Microsoft have now publish a blog post which answers many questions surrounding the recent recent pre-update update and the details around issues with Samsung Omnia 7 devices. Their stats show that 90% of those who’ve received the update have installed it successfully. Those 10% having issues did so due to disk space or a bad web connection. Check that you have enough disk space on your PC before running the update and use their troubleshooter if you’re having issues.

Meanwhile there’s still an element of confusion. Despite the 90% success rate there’s still many handsets which are yet to receive the update. Also some networks are said to be “signing off” the update and expect it to roll “next week”. These updates also have to be delivered via a tethered connection to your PC or Mac via the Zune software / Mac connector. Microsoft tell us…

“Another reason is that Microsoft and the carriers we’ve partnered with around the world need time to test phone updates to make sure they meet our joint quality, performance, and reliability standards. Testing schedules can vary, and that affects when you’ll be able to download an update.”

Link – Windows Phone Blog