Samsung tease with an “Evolution”

Samsung tease with an Evolution
With Mobile World Congress now just around the corner we’re beginning to see networks and manufacturers announcing their .. announcements. Samsung Mobile have updated their unpacked site with a teaser stating “Evolution is Fate” and will be adding a preview teaser in a matter of days. The full launch will be happening on February 13th at 6PM.

The new handset is thought to be replacing the Samsung Galaxy S. It’s rumoured that this will be the Galaxy S2 with a 4.3″ Super AMOLED display, dual-core processor, NFC chip and Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

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Samsung tease with an Evolution

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  • WxW

    my goodness, that looks stunning!

  • Jism

    all over my face is the best thing ever!

  • 559REDSKIN

    If this comes to t mobile, im just dumb enough to forget how samsung screwed me over on froyo for my vibrant!….kinda like having a cheating girlfriend who is a model. you kinda let them do as they please as long as you get to touch.