Megalo Mini hits target, mini charger going into production soon

No! Must resist the urge to mention another Kickstarter campaign! Oh wait, this one has already been featured here and they’ve now reached and breached the funding goal, so it’ll be in production and you should be seeing it soon.

The Megalo Mini is basically a tiny charger that can hang off your keys or slot into your pocket without creating an unsightly and uncomfortable bulge. Who’s wants a bulge in their jeans eh? Certainly not.. err.. me.. err…


Tomorrow their Kickstarter campaign will end, so they’ll begin the process of producing the Megalo Mini and getting them into the hands of backers and supporters.

That’s great news, but let’s hope no-one tells them about all the mini key-ring chargers on eBay (like this one, which seems to have the word “Fragrance” in it for no real reason). There’s a whole stack of them including ones that’ll recharge themselves using solar power.


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