How about a tiny phone battery you can hang on your keys?

I promised myself I wouldn’t mention any more Kickstarter campaigns. However, it’s Friday and it’s pretty much the weekend so here goes.

I could witter on about the battery on your smartphone and how it’s just not as good as you’d like it to be, but … you know all that. You can get a better battery life, but you’re either going to have a fatter battery or carry around a second battery. The latter option isn’t too bad actually, but if that additional battery was perhaps a little smaller and more portable then we’d probably be more willing to carry it around.

How about a tiny phone battery you can hang on your keys?

This is the Megalo Mini, a device which is small enough to hang off your keys or sit in the fiddly little pocket in your jeans. It may be small, but it still has enough capacity – some 1400mAh – to recharge your iPhone 5 up to 75% or your Android phone up to 100%. It will have a soft matte surface so you don’t need to worry about it scratching your phone when it’s in your pocket charging.

The charging cables are built-in and you can charge the battery itself via USB. There’s micro USB and the Apple lightning adaptor to output the charge and it measures just 67mmx41mmx14mm.

Trouble is, you’ll need to invest if you want to see it become a reality. Get more information here.