Oppo tease the Find 7, throws down the gauntlet to Samsung

We’ve all seen the Samsung Galaxy S5 and I’m already getting tired of websites calling it “disappointing” (even though it’s not, and will sell by the bucket-load). Oppo, however, have just released an image which basically states that their upcoming Find 7 will be better than the Galaxy S5. A mighty claim indeed…


HTC and Nokia have already taken turns to poke fun at the new S5, but Oppo are relative newcomers. The specs of their upcoming Find 7 certainly look very impressive – a 5.5″ 2K (2560×1440) display, removable battery, 4G LTE capability, 32GB internal storage, support for 128GB microSD cards and an apparent 2.26GHz Qualcomm CPU. Android 4.3 is at the heart of the Oppo 7 if rumours are to be believed.


We had a good old poke around the Oppo stand this morning but sadly it was nowhere to be seen. Here’s some shots of the Find 5 though, which it could be similar to …maybe… :)



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