• iPhone Fan

    They both look awful and I’d rather spend my money on a decent camera for that price!

  • patch

    if this device is to improve the camera on the iPhone 5 just think the size of the galaxy s3 add on needed to improve that camera be like a slab stone..lol

  • Jester25

    Good grief. I’ve just bought a lovely little Samsung compact which can be remotely controlled by my iPhone. It only cost £200, and is a dream. Save your money and spend it wisely.

  • Martin

    It just goes to show that there are some people out there who have too much money and are happy to spend it on complete and utter tosh.

    What makes me chuckle is the ad software has tagged Tesco adverts under each photo….yeah like Tesco will be stocking these!

    Another thing, Apple try their best to create a slim, light device, then some ‘style’ icon comes along and creates these two monsters.Out of the two, we all know it’ll be the blingy gold one that will sell the most.

  • uncle timmy

    Drop tests done?