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Missing your BlackBerry? Samsung have the answer if you get an S7.

Here at the crazy mobile shin-dig that is Mobile World Congress – if you get a special sticker – you can head backstage. There, amongst the tired exhibitors, you’ll find Samsung showing off their Galaxy S7 devices. We saw these at the exclusive Unpacked event on Sunday (which …

3 in 1 Lens Set – Review

Taking snaps on your phone is something everybody does. Taking artistic ones, well… that’s maybe a bit tricky unless you have something like this. Now, you may have seen these clip-on lens gadgets before. It’s a simple idea. You use a clip which is almost like a soft …

New clip-on Bluetooth speaker from JBL

In case you’re wondering, these are definitely made by JBL and they shouldn’t be confused with the perils at JML who make mops and strange foot massage things … Further details below, or get it next month from Currys, John Lewis, Amazon UK and the JBL website.