Our stance on ad blocking

We only use unobtrusive and “well behaved” ads. We hate those pop-unders, floating, full-page, pre-roll, video or sound-based ads.

Basically, if it’s invasive and annoying, it’s a no from us.

However, the ads we do have are blocked by around half of visitors, and we’re seeing ad revenue drop month on month. This revenue is badly needed to keep the servers running.

If you enjoy our content, please do help us out. Please consider adding www.coolsmartphone.com to your ad blocking whitelist.

Further information can be found below. Thank you.

Our stance on ad blocking

Further information..

Over half of our visits are from browsers blocking ads. I can understand why people do this. Some websites are utterly terrible and ruin the browsing experience with, popups, popunders, full-screen interstitials, videos and much more. They usually do this because they are seeing their revenue drop, so they crank up the adverts to an insane level so that it spoils the experience for everyone.

Ad blocking is feedback that the ads have become way too intrusive and interfere with the experience (blocking content, slowing down load times, increasing the cost of metered download plans etc). I understand that, and you can click “back” on this page to continue your browsing with us, however I’d really appreciate if you could unblock our site, as it helps to keep us going.

All adverts on Coolsmartphone are standard leaderboard or rectangle banners which don’t get in the way of your reading experience too much. We control all advertising and if we see an advert which stops conforming to our strict guidelines, we’ll remove them. However, if the adverts we do have are blocked then we’re less able to pay bandwidth and hosting costs. We then have to make the decision to add either more intrusive ads or ask you to please unblock us. We’d love it if you could do the latter, as that would really help us out.