A cheap miniature smartphone

Remember how I used the Unihertz Atom as a bike computer? It worked because it was, like the Jelly Pro before it, tiny.

The idea of a small smartphone does sound kinda cool, but when you use it in anger the reality quickly hits you over the head. The tiny QWERTY on-screen keyboard, the pain of going through the initial set up and so on.

However, once you’ve done that and you’ve organised some fairly chunky icons on your main screen, the small form-factor could suit many.

Now there’s an even cheaper option in the form of the Soyes XS11. It won’t do 4G (let alone 5G) and it’s only got 1GB RAM, but it’s less than £40.

If you’re looking for a teeny-tiny smartphone, this could be just the thing.

Phew. I got through that entire article without mentioning small phones being smuggled into prisons.