Play your Windows games on your phone, Android TV, Apple TV or Fire TV. Rainway.

If you’re a big PC gamer and want to take that experience out on the road, this looks to be a very good solution. It’s called Rainway and you just install a Dashboard onto the PC with all your games on, then connect to that via your browser or mobile app.

Here’s a lovely video to show it in action..

The system has now also launched on Android TV, and they’ll have Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV shortly after. Just install the dashboard, create an account and it’ll find all your games. Open the mobile app, add the Windows PC as a device and you then stream and play your games on just about any device anywhere, anytime.

CEO Andrew Sampson told us..

Thanks to the monumental effort of the Rainway team, we are ecstatic to announce that the Rainway for TV app is launching on Android TV followed by Apple TV and Fire TV. This milestone holds true to our vision of breaking down barriers preventing gamers from playing games they own in the way they want to play them. With this launch, Rainway is now available in every room of your house and on the go.

We’ve given it a try already and everything seems very fluid (provided you have a speedy web connection) and free. Just head to to give it a try yourself.