New Trust plug and play USB microphones. Ideal for podcasts and calls.

Our most recent podcast got a lot of listens because we used a cute picture of a dog. However, it was still recorded direct to my phone and the audio, if I used microphones like this, could’ve been better. Keeping yourself safe online. It’s something that you know you should do, but you either rely on someone else to protect you or you haven’t had the time.

With the rise in podcasts, YouTube channels, video calls, live streaming plus gaming and DJ sets, getting the right kit is essential. Trust USB microphones could be the answer to your quality problems, and they’re not badly priced either. below offer professional recording and streaming options with full functionality, ease of use and excellent audio pickup at a very reasonable price.

Their new Fyru 4-in-1 Streaming USB Microphone has four different recording patterns and their budget-friendly GXT 232 Mantis USB microphone includes shock mount, pop filter and tripod stand. The former is £119.99 (but you can actually get it on offer for £99.99) and the latter is a mere £29.99.

The Fyru 4-in-1 is able to pick up every sound in exceptional quality. It’ll also filter out unwanted background sounds to ensure a nice clear audio output.

Meanwhile the Trust GXT 232 gets a metal grille with a tripod for stability. There’s also adjustable LED lighting to allow users to light their recordings in 5 different colors.

These are USB, so you’ll need to plug them into your PC or laptop.