Why you should never film in portrait

I always flinch when I see “mobile phone footage” on news channels filmed in horrific portrait style. People tend to forget, then when they get home and want to watch their holiday videos on the TV it appears in a tower-thin strip in the middle of their wide-screen TV.

Then there’s this guy, Irish MEP Luke “Ming” Flanagan. He was discussing agriculture policy and, like many of us, was working from home. He’d setup his iPad but, for reasons unknown, had both forgotten to turn it the right way. Oh, and he also forgot to put trousers on, which is almost as bad,

His address to the European Union about farming subsidies turned into another lesson into why landscape … and trousers.. should always be preferred when working remotely.

The MEP subsequently, via social media, explained that he’d only just returned home from a run and was wearing his shorts. He’d accidentally put the iPad settings on portrait rather than landscape.