FourFit Mini2 – A fitness band designed for kids

Tracking activity, steps, heart rate, lung health, blood pressure and sleep – this is the FourFit Mini 2. During the lockdown, we’re all sat around more, so this FourFit Mini2 will ensure that your child stays active, with daily updates and reminders to get off the sofa or PS4!

Aimed at kids over 10, it comes with an upgraded colour OLED screen and is normally £39, but you can get it for a mere £29.99 over the next six weeks). Head to their website for more information or to buy one.

In recent weeks we’ve all not had much choice but to allow our kids to sit on their butts, but now is the time to get active again. Slap one of these on their wrist and then they will get gentle prompts to get up and move via a gentle vibration and screen notifications. Meanwhile, parents can download iOS and Android apps to monitor and set rewards for hitting daily activity targets.

If worn overnight, it will also track sleeping – and you can ensure that they’re not secretly staying up late watching TV or playing games on a school night.

It’s water resistant and available in five colours (black, red, aqua, blue and purple) with a stylish, tech rich design and interchangeable straps.

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