Vodafone stores reopening, but no devices on show.

Perhaps the most annoying thing about buying a phone is the not being able to “test it” first. Getting your hands on the thing, seeing how it works and so on. That’s what we’re here for to a degree, or you can go to a phone shop and have a look for yourself.

However, with the coronavirus situation still rumbling on, the 65 Vodafones that have initially opened today (with 300 more in the comming weeks) will have a number of safety measures in place. For a start, they will be prioritising key workers and dealing with them first, plus stores will be moved around to facilitate social distancing. In addition, staff will have their “own” station / checkout and staff will be on a rota with the same colleagues to help keep them in “bubbles”.

Should you need help with your phone, staff will use a stylus and hand-gel, face visors, face masks and gloves will be in use. Only contactless and bank payments are accepted and no devices will be on-show due to the possibility of cross-contamination.

Head to the Vodafone store locator to find your nearest store.