Cowboy unveils their third generation electric bike

Since the lockdown we’ve all been having a look at how we get around. For some, things have changed dramatically – perhaps working from home now all the time or selling that second car because it’s no longer needed. For others, it might just be the type of transport. As an example, here in the UK we’ve seen a bit rise in cycling during the coronavirus lockdown as it was one of the few things we could do.

Cycle shops up and down the land have seen a demand for repairs and for new bikes increase, which is definitely a good thing considering the health benefits. Today, our Belgian cycling friends at Cowboy are launching the “Cowboy 3”.

There’s now a single-gear automatic transmission for a smooth and simple ride and the removable battery is built into the frame. You can pick one up for £1.990 (€2.290) from their website. The first orders will be delivered at the end of July.

The Cownoy app, which new and existing owners use with the bike, now has auto-unlock, theft alert, crash detection and air quality mapping. Over the next few months some new features will be added, including the ability to repair a bike online, free of charge.

The new Cowboy 3 also includes the following benefits…

– Carbon belt transmission
– No oily chain and no maintenance required for up to 30,000 kilometres.
– Lower gear ratio
– Custom mudguards
– Puncture-resistant tires
– Three colours
– Removable battery and a lightweight 16.9 kg weight bike.