Vodafone launch an IOT Thermal Camera

Those who have been with us for a while may remember the Seek Thermal Camera. I looked at it a few years ago and you can buy it right here and it just plugs into your phone so that you can see heat and cold.

For those who are preparing to go back to work, there is a new Vodafone thermal imaging camera available which can scan body temperature at up to 100 people per minute. Great for seeing if anyone isn’t feeling well.

There’s no additional IT requirements as everything works over the internet. It comes with a 24/7 secure managed service. The thermal images are streamed securely and in real time to a laptop or mobile device and instant analytics provide an alert if a person shows a raised temperature.

Anne Sheehan, Business Director at Vodafone told us…

During this crisis, our role has been to keep the UK connected. Now, we want to help UK organisations get their people back to work while prioritising their safety. The Heat Detection Camera is a helpful tool to support this goal, every organisation needs one. We believe technology-led solutions will play an important role in return-to-work strategies.

To get more information on this, head to the Vodafone Smart Vision website. Its £1,711 (ex VAT) and comes with a laptop and tablet, full installation and a 24/7 secure managed service.