Tribit XBoom becomes the Tribit StormBox

Before the world fell apart we did our top gadget awards and the “Best Bluetooth Speaker” gong went to the Tribit XBoom. We reviewed it here and it was quite pricey at the time.

Don’t let that put you off though, because it’s still an utterly brilliant bit of kit and they’ve now screwed the price down. Honestly, this little portable speaker blew my socks off. REAL bass, a strong and stylish construction and a very powerful output – plus the battery just lasts and lasts.

Well, now the guys at Tribit Audio have rebranded / renamed the XBoom and called it the Tribit StormBox 24W. It’s still f…lippin’ brilliant and is now a mere £49.99.

Honestly, go out and get this one right now. Top bit of kit.

If you’re on Amazon and it runs out of stock, here’s two different links to the same thing…

Link 1Link 2

We’ll have a review of the new kid on the block – the StormBox Micro – very shortly.