Learning card games on your phone

Look on the Android or iPhone app store and, if you want to give card games a try, there’s a stack of options. I started, as most kids do, with “Snap”. It’s an easy game and you can download this to your phone and re-live those times by playing on your phone. It’s fairly simple. You just have to match the card that appears.

Other games which you can get on your phone include Crazy Eights – a game that’s easy to learn and very popular too. Good for newcomers that, and you can play against others.

When I was a kid though, it was “Rummy” and I indeed found that there’s a smartphone version of that too!

After you’ve tried those, you’ll eventually end up playing Poker. It’s one of the world’s most famous card games and there’s no shortage of smartphone versions either. It can be a bit overwhelming to understand the mechanics of the game at first, but once you get the hang of it, it turns out to be quite simple. Don’t let that fool you though – it involves a lot of mind games, techniques, and endless variations. You’ll quickly realise where the phrase “Poker face” comes from, put it that way.

So, if you’re a fan of card games (either physical or virtual) and are a bit worried about hoping into Poker, here’s some bits of advice.

At home, or with your friends, playing poker carries no real risk. However, if you do use an app which involves “real money” it’s first recommended that you spend some time practising with the many games that are available, or with friends without putting any money down. Do this before you start seriously playing, then you’ll lose a lot less money. A lot of players hone their skills online and even play online tournaments once they get the hang of it. There is no better way than learning the intricate mechanics and dynamics of poker except by playing it.

Once you get into casino and card games, you’ll be looking for the best mobile casino apps, so definitely try out sites like www.bestcasino.uk/mobile/ to find the places which have the best experience, the best promotions and the best rewards. After all, if you get really good, you should benefit from it. So it’s not only important to practice, but also to ensure that you’re playing on the best sites with the best winnings. You’re going to want the fastest experience and the smoothest gameplay too.

There are many different games of poker but none other than the Texas Hold’em poker has garnered such popularity. It’s usually the one you see being played in movies and most poker gatherings. The mechanics are simple:

  • Two Hole Cards: Before beginning the round, each player is dealt two face-down cards.
  • Community Cards: The two dealt cards are used in combination with the 5 cards laid in the final round to composing a hand.
  • Best Hand: To win the game, you either have to make players fold their hand (forfeiting), or have the highest poker hand on the table.
  • Bets: Any Texas Hold’em poker game has 4 rounds of bets. The game can be finished early if enough players folded. There are no limits to the number of chips you’d like to bet.

It’s highly advisable to get familiar with the rankings of poker hands. The ranking is what makes a hand better than others. There are 10 variations that are ranked differently. It may be a bit overwhelming to memorize all of them. It’s advised to use a physical resource like your phone or a paper to help you display the rankings all the time during the game. In a few plays, you’ll start to memorize them on your own and won’t need any reading material.

While poker is a card game, it has a different feel behind it as luck isn’t the only variable at play. Reading people and even fooling them can yield great results even if you have the worst hand in the game. There are slight variations to poker that you’ll start noticing once you expand your circle of research. Pick the most convenient one and practice it until you feel that you want to learn a different variation.

There’s so many apps out there to help you along the way – so get learning !